DBS Bank Mini Statement Number

DBS Bank customers can check eStatement preferences with the help of the following options Internet Banking, digibank app, and SMS Banking. You can send a message in the below format from your registered mobile number to check the mini statement details.

How to Check DBS Bank Mini Statement Detail

Just send the below-given SMS on 77767 from the registered mobile number in the bank.

  1. Enrol eStatement for DBS/POSB Consolidated Statement – Enrol<Space>estatement<Space> NRIC/Passport Example: Enrol estatement S1234567A
  2. Enrol eStatement for Credit Card Consolidated Statement – Enrol<Space>Credit<Space>NRIC /Passport Example: Enrol credit S1234567A
  3. Enrol eStatement for Debit Card Statement – Enrol<space>debit<space>NRIC/Passport Example: Enrol debit S1234567A
  4. Enrol eStatement for Cashline Statement – Enrol<space>cashline<space>NRIC/Passport Example: Enrol cashline S1234567A