How to Generate/Reset SBI Bank Debit/ATM Card PIN

Admit it – if you forgot your SBI bank atm card PIN and don’t know what to do now to reset the SBI card PIN. SBI bank offers multiple options to reset the SBI card PIN anytime through the nearest SBI Bank ATM, SBI Mobile app, Internet Banking, or by calling SBI Bank Phone Banking. You can follow the below steps to recover the SBI bank card PIN in different ways.

But to use this service, your mobile number and Date of Birth must be registered with the bank. Please contact your nearest SBI Bank branch for registering these details if not registered already.

How to Generate/Reset SBI Bank Debit/ATM Card PIN Through SBI ATM

  • Step 1) Visit the nearest SBI Bank ATM and Insert the debit card in the ATM and select the ‘PIN Generation‘ option.
  • Step 2) Now it will ask you to enter your 11-digit account number and click ‘Confirm‘.
  • Step 3) You will be asked for your registered mobile number, enter the same, and press ‘Confirm‘.
  • Step 4) In the next screen, it will display the message ‘Your green PIN will be shortly delivered to your registered mobile number’.
  • Step 5) Press ‘Confirm’ to see another message which says ‘Your Green PIN generation has been successful and you will receive the same on your mobile number’.